SIEMENS certifies Trilogis for the “Industrial Identification” sector

In the field of “industrial automation systems”, the “industrial identification technologies” (RFID) and the “real-time location systems” (RTLS) are the key technologies for the digital factory.
They represent the bridge between the real world with the digital, creating new added values.
SIEMENS is the world leader in these sectors; therefore, Trilogis decided to undertake the certification process in these very important sectors.
A first important milestone was achieved at the end of September 2018 obtaining the SIEMENS Solution Partner RFID UHF certification.
After a demanding 4-day “full immersion” training, our engineers Nicola Dorigatti and Matteo Tranquillini brilliantly passed the final exam and certified “SIEMENS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL FOR INDUSTRY IDENTIFICATION (SIEMENS CPIID) RFID-UHF”.

This is a certificate recognized all over the world and renewable every three years.